What is a part-time employee?

Answer A part-time employee is someone who works less than the traditional 40 hours a week, the standard hours for a full-time employee. Part-time employees often use their work experiences as a stepping ... Read More »

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How many hours can a part-time employee work?

The amount of hours a part-time employee can work is generally up to the employer. The U.S. Department of Labor doesn't set standards for full-time or part-time employment; however, states may defi... Read More »

Can a Part-Time Employee Collect Unemployment in Pennsylvania?

Although unemployment benefits are traditionally earmarked for workers who are completely unemployed, most states offer partial unemployment benefits to employees whose hours are drastically cut th... Read More »

If an employee dies will the insurance refund the unused part of the premium?

Answer Depends on how often the premium was paid....For more info. see

Anyone make the transition from Part-Time College Student to Full-time How did you do it?

It will be difficult to pay your tuition if you have no money saved up and no job to pay it. Scholarships, student loans and part time employment would be all options.I'm not really sure I underst... Read More »