What is a parental control bar?

Answer The parental control bar is a computer software that filters access to the Internet and prevents children from visiting adult web sites. The parental control bar is a free software and is easily do... Read More »

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How do I unlock parental control on a directv receiver if I forgot the parental control password?

u could do the 400 possible combinations by doing 1111, 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 but write down what you do each day and only do 5 max becuz it has a digital delay for getting it wrong... actually,... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Parental Control Pop Ups?

The Windows operating system comes with a parental control program. This program allows parents to determine which programs their children can use and which Web sites their children can visit. In a... Read More »

How to Sign Up for MTV's "Parental Control"?

The MTV cable channel is known for making average people into reality TV stars, at least for a short while. Some shows such as "The Real World" offer spinoff opportunities that keep fan favorites c... Read More »

How do i change parental control on ps2?

Enter PasswordInsert a DVD movie into your PlayStation 2 and power on the console. Wait a few seconds for the disc to load. Choose "Yes" if prompted by a parental control warning screen. Select "Ye... Read More »