What is a parent of primary residence?

Answer The parent you primarily reside with. The parent with physical custody.

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Does primary residence with joint custody give this parent the right to choose their child's school?

Answer Yes, the assumption is that the parent with whom the child resides the majority of the time is where the child will also be living during the school year. However, in cases where religious o... Read More »

What does joint custody with primary residence mean in NY?

It means one parent has greater possession of the child.

What are the FHA underwriting guidelines for primary residence occupancy test for active duty reservist?

No. You must be a legal resident of the United States and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to enlist in the army. Go to for more information on the requirements to join t... Read More »

How to Change a Primary Residence?

Two homes or more can be a luxury, a necessity, an investment, and even more. Regardless of what it is, one home must be designated as the primary residence, and only one home is allowed to be desi... Read More »