What is a parent of a baby foal?

Answer horse!! :)

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How does a parent of a deaf baby feel about their baby?

They feel blessed becaue babies are blessings when they are brought to earth but they can't express how much they love they child or understand they child when they are young and deaf and have not ... Read More »

Is it possible for a baby to inherit the sickle cell trait if one parent has the trait and the other parent does not have the trait or the disease?

No, both parents must have the recessive gene for it to become dominant.

What do you do when one parent wants to give the baby away but the other does not?

If it is the mother of the child that wants to keep the baby then most mothers would not let anything stand in the way of the child and herself. In this case she can tell the father to leave, but ... Read More »

If one parent has beta thalassemia what are the chances the baby will inherit the condition?

If one parent is a carrier then the baby has a 50% chance of being born a carrier as well, but the baby will be healthy as the gene is recessive.