What is a parent called after they lose their child?

Answer Devastated. They are also still called parents; parents who've lost their child.

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If a parent does not pay child support do they lose their custodial rights?

The custodial parent usually receives rather than pays child support. If one parent has been ordered to pay child support and neglects to do so, the other parent can petition the court to suspend ... Read More »

When two 17 year olds elope do they need parent permission from one parent for both of them or do they just need one parent permission Also after they elope are they free from their parents?

Even when your out of high school and going into or are in college your parents are responsible for your actions. The only way to be "free" from your parents is by getting emancipated. You need bot... Read More »

When each parent has custody of one child but they both have joint legal custody is the other parent able to enroll the child in school if they end up coming to live with that parent?

joint custody is just given to make the other person who doesnt have all legal rights feel better, they don't have any real rights of the child, but theyt do get visitation rights. and if you went ... Read More »

Can custodial parent lose custody if they don't pay their bills?

Before that happens, the State child welfare agency would work with the parent to make sure she's able to pay her bills. It could be used as a factor, but don't count on it. I wish it was so in my ... Read More »