What is a papal nuncio?

Answer The pope appoints a papal nuncio (also known as an "apostolic nuncio") to serve as an ambassador to a particular country or set of countries. Papal nuncios perform diplomatic and administrative dut... Read More »

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What is the papal flag?

According to flag information website Metro Flags, the Papal Flag is the national flag of the Vatican City, home of the Roman Catholic religion. Although the Vatican City is located within Italy it... Read More »

What is a papal audience?

A papal audience is a meeting with the pope. There are two main types of papal audience: the general audience on Wednesday mornings at St. Peter's Basilica and a more private audience reserved for ... Read More »

What is a papal edict?

A papal edict, more commonly known as a papal bull, is a formal communication from the pope. The content may vary from a simple letter to the granting of some privilege or honor to an individual o... Read More »

What is a papal flag?

The Papal Flag is the flag that represents the papacy and the Vatican state. It is also called the Flag of the Vatican or the Flag of the Holy See, according to U.S. Flag Manufacturing.Early versio... Read More »