What is a panther's diet?

Answer Panthers are beautiful but potentially dangerous animals that have a keen sense of sight and hearing---two traits these animals use to catch their prey. A panther's diet is carnivorous and can be s... Read More »

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How to Be Like the Pink Panther?

The Pink Panther. A classic figure of the cartoon world. Well he's aristocratic, clever, and... pink. Whats not to like about him? Here, we will show you how to achieve his pinkness.

Can my iMac G3 run Panther?

Yes. The 2001 500 MHz G3 iMac can run versions of OS X up to 10.4 (Tiger)

What does a panther tattoo mean?

A panther tattoo stands for courage, strength, leadership and power, because the animal itself is a powerful being. According to, the panther was considered to be a dominant pro... Read More »

Have you ever seen a Panther that was Pink?

I used to have a pink panther stuffed animal that my male neutered cat would hump. Now i can never look @ one the same.