What is a page from a computer called?

Answer Paging is related to memory of your is a segment of memory blocks. It is a very big topic.If you need more info. just mail me at I have done BCA + MCA.

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When you send a fax, you get a page back... what is this page called?

I only get it if there is a problem with sending the fax, so I will say it is a status page.

I have a new computer and new printer. I highlight part of a page but it prints entire page. Why?

Try enabling the "Selection" option when you click File --> PrintOtherwise, if you click the printer icon, it will print the entire page

My computer will not allow me to see the page for any espn's message board It goes to the page but all the messages are not there. Has this happened to anyone or Anyone know how to fix it?

It depends on how many teams, and how many players are allowed per team.

What is the computer equipment that photographs information from a page and reads it into the computer?