How to Be a Pagan?

Answer Neo-Paganism is the belief that the natural world is a spiritual realm, that every aspect and element of nature contains spiritual entities like plants, animals, rocks, streams, mountains or clouds... Read More »

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How to Be a Reconstructionist Pagan?

Members of YSEE, a Hellenic Reconstructionist group, perform a ritual.Reconstructionist pagans ("Recons") attempt to reconstruct one (or more) of the ancient religions of the world as closely as po... Read More »

How to Become Pagan?

Becoming a Pagan is a life-changing experience that will alter how you think and how you live your life. The role of a Pagan is not always that of a magic worker or someone who indulges in mysticis... Read More »

How to Be a Roman Pagan?

Pantheon (Temple to all of the gods), Rome.The religion of ancient Rome is called in Latin "Cultus Deorum". The means roughly "care of the Gods". ("Cultus" is related to the English words "cult", "... Read More »

Is the origin of Easter pagan?

A pagan spring celebration once honored the northern goddess Eostre, whose symbol was a rabbit. The festival of Eostre celebrated the new life of spring after the death of winter. The Christian cel... Read More »