What is a one time capital contribution for a Home Owners Association or Condo?

Answer Read your governing documents -- including possible board meeting minutes that document the board's approval of the contribution -- for a context of the phrase: 'one-time capital contribution'. De... Read More »

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When a Home Owners Association repairs a swimming pool is this considered a new capital improvement?

Read your governing documents to learn what is included in the 'reserve study' category of assets that all owners own. Repairing a swimming pool may be a capital improvement, depending on how exten... Read More »

Who is required to pay for damages to personal property caused by a roofing co hired by your Condo Home Owners Association?

Take your evidence and your claim to the board, and work with them to determine which insurance company pays for the damage, yours or the master policy that covers the association. Depending on th... Read More »

How does a condo association report owners delinquent in paying their condo fees?

The association wants to do more than report owners delinquent. The association wants to collect the debt. Check your governing documents to discover whether or not your assessments are automatica... Read More »

What is the difference between a property owners association and a home owners association?

There really is no difference, except for the styling of the name. Both organizations operate through covenants and bylaws recorded against a group of properties with the goal of making said proper... Read More »