What is a notebook PC?

Answer A notebook PC is a laptop computer. Traditionally all laptop computers were notebooks, but with the advent of ultra-portable laptops such as netbooks and subnotebooks the term has been redefined to... Read More »

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I want to buy notebook.please give opinion that i have to buy notebook or laptop which one is better?

A laptop is considerably better than a notebook, having increased performance and speed. A laptop can also handle a lot more than a notebook.

Is a Windows notebook or Mac notebook better?

On One Hand: Windows is More Popular and PCs are Less ExpensiveMore Windows PCs are sold each year than Macs. If it's important to you that you use a computer that is similar to others you might en... Read More »

What is a notebook computer?

Notebook computers allow busy people to free themselves from a hardwired home or office unit. These devices contain all the essential features needed for standard computing tasks, plus a rechargeab... Read More »

What is a notebook laptop?

Notebook is just another name for the regular laptop computer. A notebook can be helpful in getting work done on the computer when you have to be out of the home a lot, as it is a compact personal ... Read More »