What is a normal resting pulse rate?

Answer Your pulse rate measures how fast your heart beats. A resting pulse rate is taken when your body has not been physically active for some time. The best time to measure your resting pulse rate is ju... Read More »

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Is a resting pulse of 48-56 normal?

normal pulse well resting should be anywhere from 60 to 80 your blood pressure seem low to me if i were you i would have that checked out thats a very slow pulse have the doctor do a ekg on you an... Read More »

How does smoking affect the resting pulse rate?

The resting pulse rate is the rate at which the heart beats when a person is awake, but not active. It's a good indicator of general health. Smoking can have a negative effect on the resting pulse ... Read More »

What is normal resting heart rate for a two year old?

Mead Johnson doesn't seem to carry it, nor does the Milupa webpage. With so many newer and supposedly better tasting products out there, why would anyone want to give their PKU infant a formula tha... Read More »

What is a normal resting heart rate for a child?