What is a normal blood work up for a toddler?

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What does an enlarged thyroid and normal blood work mean?

An enlarged thyroid is often associated with hypothyroidism, a condition in which your thyroid does not produce adequate amounts of hormone. However, in some cases, your blood work may indicate tha... Read More »

Electrophysiologist said that I have AF yet my blood work was normal?

Most people who are diagnosed with AF are diagnosed on the basis of a pulse check, ECG and echo, so no, I'm not too sure that there is any link between blood results and whether or not you have AF.... Read More »

What is the normal blood pressure of a normal healthy man?

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What is the normal heart rate for a sick toddler?

The heart rate will vary with the child's body temperature. If the child should have a fever, the heart rate may be around 160-180; if not, the usual rate is around 100 beats/minute.