Normal blood pressure and blood sugar but diabetes symptoms?

Answer sometimes diabetes has no any symptoms and it is also a hereditary disease.....not only over weighted person affects diabetes there is also chance for thin person...some diabetes related symptoms a... Read More »

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Is my blood sugar normal?

As a healthcare provider I can tell you that a fasting blood sugar (in the am before eating for 8 hours at least) should be 70 to 110. After you have eaten (most anytime later in the day or evening... Read More »

What is a normal blood sugar level.?

"What's normal?A normal fasting blood sugar result is lower than 100 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood (mg/dL).What level suggests prediabetes?If your fasting blood sugar level is 100 mg... Read More »

How to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Normal?

Testing and monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly lets you understand how your body reacts to various foods and activities. Knowing these information is crucial if you are going to work at k... Read More »

Is a blood sugar count of 119 mg/dL normal?

HiI have been a diabetic for 22 years and just found this website about 3months ago. This is a great website for diabetics.