What is a non profit corporation?

Answer A non-profit corporation is a company with a purpose to serve a public benefit. Unlike regular corporations, they are not formed to make a profit and receive tax breaks from the federal government.... Read More »

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How to Convert a Florida Non-Profit Corporation to a Profit Corporation?

To become a for-profit corporation in the state of Florida, you must submit a certificate of conversion and articles of incorporation. Unlike nonprofit corporations that must reinvest all earnings ... Read More »

The Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act?

The Texas non-profit corporation act provides rules and regulations that indicate the manner in which a Texas non-profit corporation forms and functions. Texas non-profit corporations are formed wi... Read More »

Who owns a non-profit corporation?

No one owns a non-profit corporation. It has a board of directors and may have members who can vote, but there are no shares and no shareholders, as is the case in a regular corporation. If and whe... Read More »

How to Locate a Non-Profit Corporation Number?

A non-profit corporation is typically an educational, religious or charitable organization. Non-profit corporations are regulated by both state and federal governments. Non-profit corporations ar... Read More »