What is a non-profit company?

Answer A non-profit company exists to serve the people or groups it represents. Its purpose is not to make a profit but to provide a needed service to that community.DefinitionAccording to managementhelp.... Read More »

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What is a not for profit company?

Starting your own non-profit business is an exciting venture. Your new career will be rewarding and the steps to get there will be complex.DefinitionA not-for-profit company is an incorporated busi... Read More »

How to Start a Non-Profit Company in the USA?

If you love a cause and want to dedicate yourself to it, start a non-profit organization. The simple process may even surprise you. All you need is initiative, passion and the desire to contribute ... Read More »

How to Start a Non-Profit Company in Hawaii?

The Hawaii Nonprofit Corporations Act provides instructions and requirements for the registration of nonprofit corporations. Hawaii's Business Registration Division (BREG) is responsible for regist... Read More »

Why Is Economic Profit a Better Measure of Profit Than Accounting Profit?

Although rarely acknowledged, you can measure profit in more than one way. Sometimes numbers can deceive you, and this is the case when it comes to accounting profit, which merely shows profit on t... Read More »