What is a non-formulary brand?

Answer Health insurance plans that cover prescriptions refer to non-formulary brands. If you have a prescription for one of these drugs, you may have to pay a higher co-payment or your doctor may need to ... Read More »

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What is a formulary?

Prescription drug plans specify which generic and brand-name medications they will cover, for what conditions and at what price with drug lists called formularies. Plans develop their own formulari... Read More »

What is a hospital formulary?

A hospital formulary is a compilation of the most common drug treatments used by a particular hospital and hospital pharmacy. This reference book is also called the AHFS-DI (American Hospital Formu... Read More »

What is formulary medicine?

Formulary medicine is a list of prescription drugs covered under a particular medication plan. The medications on formularies are typically chosen by such factors as cost, safety and effectiveness.... Read More »

What Is An Open Formulary?

An open formulary is a plan provided by health insurance companies that provides consumers with coverage for subsidies on prescription drugs that normally would not be covered under a closed formul... Read More »