What is a nominal phrase?

Answer A nominal phrase, also known as a noun phrase, consists of a head noun plus one or more modifiers---words that lend specificity to the noun. Communication becomes much more explicit through the use... Read More »

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What is real GDP& nominal GDP?

Real and nominal GDP, or gross domestic product, are two related measures of the total output of an economy during a given period of time. The GDP is one of the most important economic indicators.B... Read More »

What Is Nominal Market?

Many instruments, including U.S. Treasury securities, come in both inflation-adjusted and non-adjusted variants. When this bifurcation occurs, an individual can speak of the "real" market for that ... Read More »

What is a nominal group?

The nominal group technique, also known as NGT, provides a method for a group of individuals to achieve a consensus when making a decision. Nominal groups provide an opportunity for every participa... Read More »

What was the nominal GDP in 2005?

The United States' nominal GDP in 2005 was $12,154.0 billion in the first quarter, $12,317.4 in the second quarter, $12,538.2 in the third quarter and $12,696.4 in the fourth quarter. The country's... Read More »