What is a nominal group?

Answer The nominal group technique, also known as NGT, provides a method for a group of individuals to achieve a consensus when making a decision. Nominal groups provide an opportunity for every participa... Read More »

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Definition of Nominal Group?

In management, the nominal group is the key agent in the nominal group technique, a method for prioritizing and consensus-building, according to the University of Wisconsin Extension. In linguistic... Read More »

What is a nominal distribution?

A nominal, normal or Gaussian distribution is a type of probability distribution originally devised (by Carl Friedrich Gauss) to model errors in astronomical observations. It is commonly used by st... Read More »

What Are Nominal Damages?

In tort law, there are various forms of damages that can be awarded to the plaintiff depending on the specific facts of the case and the jurisdiction in which the case is made. Among the types of d... Read More »

What is a nominal phrase?

A nominal phrase, also known as a noun phrase, consists of a head noun plus one or more modifiers---words that lend specificity to the noun. Communication becomes much more explicit through the use... Read More »