What is a nitrogen compressed fire extinguisher?

Answer A nitrogen compressed fire extinguisher, also called a dry chemical extinguisher, is a type of fire extinguisher that uses foam or powder to smother a fire. Compressed nitrogen functions as the pro... Read More »

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Can I run an airbrush with compressed nitrogen?

Compressed air is frequently used as a propellant for airbrushes. However, carbon dioxide, compressed nitrogen and other inert gases may be used. The requirements for an airbrush propellant are cor... Read More »

Where should you aim a fire extinguisher's stream when extinguishing a fire?

Fire extinguishers are prolific in today's society, however, few people are properly educated on their use and operation. Familiarizing yourself with commonly used fire extinguishers will help you ... Read More »

What type of fire extinguisher should be used on a gasoline fire?

Only a class B fire extinguisher should be used on a gasoline fire. Household and auto extinguishers usually have a B-C rating. Some are A-B-C rated. Never spray water on a gasoline fire.Fire Exti... Read More »

What is a CO2 fire extinguisher used for?

Use CO2, or carbon dioxide, fire extinguishers to put out fires caused by flammable liquids and gases, greases and electrical fires. Since carbon dioxide leaves less residue, CO2 extinguishers are ... Read More »