What is a night guard?

Answer A night guard is a piece of custom-molded plastic that is placed between your upper and lower sets of teeth to prevent you from grinding them together.BruxismThe clinical term used for teeth grindi... Read More »

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Could wearing a dental night guard for night grinding affect my bite?

Here's the thing, I've always said and recommended to not use a night guard, maybe in the meantime, but here is why: Night guards don't solve your problem, (teeth grinding), they only put a cover o... Read More »

How much will my night guard cost on the NHS?

Hi Dougal. I hope this link helps put your mind at ease.NHS dentist treatment is completely free if you are:Under 18 years old18 but in full-time educationPregnant or have given birth within the la... Read More »

What is the best type of night guard for teeth grinding?

Your dentist knows which guard to use.. they are properly fit to make sure you don't harm your teeth or bite .dont use one just from walmart that is a sports guard.if you are unsure of how well the... Read More »

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