What are you having for teasome thing smells nice""?

Answer You have a good sense of smell :-)I found some frozen lasagna noodles in freezer and a bit of leftover frozen spaghetti sauce...So I am going to defrost and make something which might resemble Lasa... Read More »

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What do you think is a nice weight for a 5'6 teenage girl?

I think 144 is the average weight for that height. I also am the same height, so I'm pretty sure......I found the link below. Hope it helps.

What is one nice thing you do for your kids...that most people don't regularly do for their kids?

I do a whole lot for my son. I make him things, like, I made most all of his blankets, and did pretty much all of the artwork in his room, either with oils, or with my photography. ( I did a bunch ... Read More »

What's the best thing to use on my net curtains to get them nice n white again.?

Despite getting two thumbs down, Tina is right. Denture tablets work a treat. Just buy a cheap tube from the supermarket and you will be surprised.

Im leaving my job as a helper in a daycare whats a nice thing to do so the kids remember me?

when my son's preschool teacher left, she did the sweetest thing. she took pics of her with the kids, one by one. and then on her last day at school, she gave away cute key chains that are actual... Read More »