What is a nice, mellow incense to burn that is not too overbearing?

Answer These are without doubt my favorite....They were the incense maker to all of the emperors of Japan, and its burned in 90% of Buddhist temples...The guys who make it are considered to be "national l... Read More »

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How to Burn Stick Incense?

Incense burning has become quite popular in the western world, and has been used in many cultures since ancient times. Stick incense is prominent and easy to burn.

How to Burn Incense Sticks?

People choose to burn incense for many reasons; whether you are burning incense sticks to relax, for religious purposes, or simply because you like the smell, it's important that you know how to us... Read More »

How many people love candles, oils to burn and incense's?

Everyday! I am a fan of Yankee Candles. Buttercream is a fave, both oil and candles/tarts. The new fall scents are really good this year--I prefer spices and baking smells. I also like the Old ... Read More »

How to Cope With an Overbearing In‐Law?

A marriage usually means you're not losing a son, daughter, sister, or brother - it means you're gaining a brother, sister, or whatever. But what if it turns out to be a mixed bag, and the new addi... Read More »