What is a newsgroup server?

Answer A newsgroup server is a computer dedicated to the storage and retrieval of Usenet groups and articles. Commercial services that offer access to Usenet articles are also referred to as newsgroup ser... Read More »

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What newsgroup server can I use with Thunderbird?

You can use Mozilla Thunderbird with any newsgroup servers you can access. You may need to provide login credentials to use the newsgroup server provided by your Internet service provider, school, ... Read More »

What is a Usenet newsgroup?

Usenet newsgroups consist of thousands of virtual bulletin boards that focus on a wide range of different subjects. Messages and replies are threaded like an Internet forum and allow for attachment... Read More »

Are there any free newsgroup servers, and if so, how do I subscribe to them?

What is a computer that stores& distributes newsgroup messages called?

A computer that stores and distributes newsgroup messages is called a news server. Before the rise of the Internet, online discussion forums were powered by news servers, which hosted newsgroups su... Read More »