What is a new way besides the old shower trick to masterbate?

Answer First off, congratulations for being brave enough to ask about this. It's easy to get embarrassed and then not find out what you need to know!It's not bad to masturbate at all. It's good for you, i... Read More »

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What form of poor hygiene grosses you out the most, besides not bathing or taking a shower?

I most definitely agree with you. I can't stand it when people don't brush their teeth. Their breath smells horrible and their teeth start turning yellow. It's like the grossest form of bad hygene. >_

Besides pointing the showerhead at it, what other ways can I keep my shower curtain from ballooning in on me?

Install a shower stall with a glass door, and don't forget that swing you're always wishing for.

Im girls masterbate as much as guys or what?

Yeah we doEDIT- There might be an average of who masturbates more, but I've been through stages when I masturbated like 10 or more times a day. It depends on the individual person. I've got 17 year... Read More »

Do nuns masterbate?

they are technically NOT supposed to.. priests are not allowed to either. masturbation isnt 'clean', its the whole anti-self gratification celibacy thing. but i'm sure there are some that do, they ... Read More »