What is a neurologist's role in cancer treatment?

Answer The options for cancer treatment include seeing specialists in several areas of medicine--a neurologist, nutritionist, medical doctors, cancer specialists--and includes numerous tests. Treatment ca... Read More »

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Does a cancer patient have the right to refuse treatment without fearing forced treatment?

Yes.In fact its vest to refuse treatment from the mainstream meducal profession, and seek an alternative treatment. There are many cures available.Read this report. Read More »

People who choose alternative methods to cancer treatment.....Who gives them the diagnosis of cancer?

We recently used “alternative care” to help a family member in getting better from cancer. The cancer was diagnosed by the surgeon and a colorectal surgeon removed the tumor. However it was sta... Read More »

What is a CNA's role in caring for a cancer patient?

Cancer patients will work with many health care professionals during their cancer journey. A growing field in health care is Certified Nursing Assistants. CNAs are trained professionals that have a... Read More »

What is the treatment for lung cancer?

Non-small-cell lung cancer and small-cell lung cancer are the main types of cancers found in the lungs. The treatment options depend on the type and stage of lung cancer.Surgery for Lung CancerLung... Read More »