What is a neonatal vaccine like tetnus and when is it given?

Answer If it is only slightly bigger then I would think your baby is going to be left handed. The bigger left ear and bigger left eye has really nothing to do with beeing left or right handed. Our heart ... Read More »

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What are the side effects of Tetnus vaccine?

Well unless you are allergic to it you could be nauseous, have pain or swelling around the injection site or you could be like me and have your whole arm cramp up.

Tetnus shot again after 5 months?

The shot is good for five to ten years. The best prevention is good wound care. I got tetanus once and learned to always have hydrogen peroxide on hand. Doctor taught me to soak a puncture wound in... Read More »

Do I need a tetnus shot drill bit injury...?

Yep. get that shot!Yeah, they are "good" for 10 years, but if you have had an accident that drew blood, you should get a new one if it's been more than 2-3 years. Most ER's do it automatically.

Ok IM DEAD SCARED OF NEEDLES!!!!!! And i have to get a freakin tetnus shot next week. What can i use numb my ?

Have someone there to talk to you while the doctor is about to do it, or while you're visiting them. Than way you can focus on something else while it's happening.