What is a neon light?

Answer Since the early 1900s, neon lights have been prominent in outdoor advertising. The technology enables a multitude of colors and shapes that mesh well with the goals of advertising. Though still cal... Read More »

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What is the color of a neon light in chemistry?

Neon lights can now be made in almost any color, and many of them contain a mixture of neon and other gases. The gases present in the light determine its color. Pure neon gives off a reddish-orange... Read More »

What Is the Neon Light Policy on Cars in North Carolina?

Neon lights attached underneath and inside vehicles are a cosmetic add-on that produce an eye-catching glow that can be seen from a great distance. Neon accent lights used in interior applications ... Read More »

What are the vests called that show neon color when light hits it?

I have never been set on fire, but I have been burnt on a stove, and 2nd degree burns from being in the sun too long.2nd Answerer says: Yes, I have.

Neon Light Installation?

Neon and LED light bars are made for auto use. These light bars attach to running boards, bumpers or the inside edge of the rear bench seats. These lights are used for vanity purposes or to add an ... Read More »