What is a negative feedback system in the human body?

Answer The human body is only capable of withstanding small degrees of internal changes. Negative feedback systems fight against external conditions that threaten the body's internal function.HomeostasisI... Read More »

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What system of the human body is made up of blood?

Veins and arteries, which contain blood, are found in the circulatory system, the system of the body that holds responsibility for making sure that blood gets to important organs in the body. Blood... Read More »

What is the function of the human body immune system?

The immune system is made up of multiple different organs throughout your body, such as the spleen, lymph nodes, thymus and bone marrow. According to Medline Plus, the immune system functions to pr... Read More »

What system of the human body is made up of blood vessels&the heart?

The circulatory system carries oxygenated blood through blood vessels away from the lungs to the cells of the body, and deoxygenated blood from the cells of the body back to the lungs. The heart pu... Read More »

The Endocrine System of the Human Body?

The endocrine system includes organs and glands that produce and secrete hormones to regulate and coordinate many of the body’s functions. Hormones (chemical substances) are released directly int... Read More »