If you jog a mile, and walk a mile which burns more calories?

Answer Jogging would burn more calories as it would consume greater energy !

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How to Use a Nautical Cleat?

Almost every time you stay at a dock, you will have to tie a cleat hitch. It takes a good sailor to tie it properly.

How do I read nautical charts?

Chart BasicsFamiliarize yourself with nautical charts. They are graphic representations of the ocean environment, displaying geographical features along coastlines, water depths and the location of... Read More »

How to Draw a Nautical Star?

The nautical star originated as a sailor's symbol referencing celestial navigation and safe journeys home. It is a popular tattoo motif and now often considered to have general connotations of find... Read More »

How do I write on nautical charts?

Use pencil to write on nautical charts, and use care so as not to smudge or tear them. Try to avoid erasures, as these too create smudges. Indecipherable or illegible marks and notations can create... Read More »