What is a natural way to get high?

Answer exercise, endorphines are a "natural high"

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Whats a natural way to get high without using drugs?

If you want to get high, step up on a ladder. If you want euphoria drink more coffee or find a tea that has lots of caffine. I think your choice of words is misleading. Do you want to get high o... Read More »

Natural cures for high blood pressure?

My wife has tried many things and we will keep trying.If fact she has added salt to her diet! What! Added salt. Yes.There is no end to the number of natural cures for high blood pressure. Problem ... Read More »

How to Wear Makeup in High School To Look Natural?

Have you seen the girls in high school who seem to have the perfect makeup? Well you can be one of those girls without looking like a paint canvas. Even if you don't have the perfect skin.

This is going to sound really stupid, but... Natural poisons and getting high?

opiates kill pain, but other poisons may cause painful distresswith no analgesic effect...death could occur....the grand design may have taken into account that certain plants must be saved for hum... Read More »