What is a natural laxitive?

Answer A natural laxative is something thats high in fibers and fibers make you poop more easily and faster. Examples of natural laxitives are prunes, cranberries, yogurt, beans, and cheese.=)

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Natural laxitive?

lots of fibre food ie brown bread rice etc and bean and plenty of veg if nothing works your local chemist sells most natural laxatives x

Constipation how do I get rid of it and what can laxitive do?

It depends on what laxative you use as to how soft the stool will be when you pass it. If you use something like Citrate of Magnesia, it will turn the stool to liquid and it will pass easily. The... Read More »

Can grapes give you a laxitive effect?

Any fruit eaten in excess can do that.Eat the recommended servings of fruit each day, but don't go overboard with anything, moderation is the key to everything.

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