What is a natural childbirth?

Answer Natural birth is considered to be birth by the vaginal canal, rather than cesarean section, without the aid of anesthesia.

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What should you do to help cope with natural childbirth?

Natural Childbirth Congratulations on exploring the option of natural childbirth! One of the best things you can do for yourself, to ensure that you follow through with your own birthing goals is ... Read More »

How hard is Natural Childbirth?

Go for it girl! Of course there's pain, but with the right frame of mind (positive, determined) you can totally get through it. Getting up while laboring and having all sensation is totally worth ... Read More »

My wife keeps asking me for my "opinion" on her post-natural childbirth vagina. I don't know what to say!!!!?

How about saying 'it is looser but I would never mind that, I mean a kid did come out of that location so don't be ashamed of it. Its a new change'. And make it sound thoughtful and like you r the ... Read More »

How to Prepare Yourself for Natural Childbirth?

Giving birth naturally can have many benefits to you and your baby, but will require careful planning and preparation. Many women choose to deliver naturally (without medication or much medical int... Read More »