I HAVE A MUSTACHE what should i do?

Answer Shaving cuts the hair at the level of the skin which is why you get the little 'holes'. It is actually just the hair. Waxing will pull the hair out by the root. You could get it waxed, then to main... Read More »

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What are the causes of mustache hair loss?

Many men are disconcerted to find that their facial hair has become patchy, or that hair on some portions of their face does not grow or will not grow back after shaving. Facial hair loss can be ca... Read More »

On American chopper what is paul teutels sr mustache called?

Paul Teutel Sr's iconic mustache is maintained in the Horseshoe style.

What 1980's cartoon character wore blue sandals and had a mustache?

How to Use Mustache Wax?

You love the idea of having a shiny, perfectly groomed mustache. You're even interested in having the pinnacle of mustaches--a handlebar mustache. But now you're wondering how to get your mustache ... Read More »