What is a mummy bag?

Answer A mummy bag is a type of sleeping bag that tapers from the head area to the foot area to improve heat retention by reducing the size of the sleeping bag.SizeMummy bags have less total area than typ... Read More »

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Who plays the Mummy in"The Mummy Returns"?

In the 2001 movie "The Mummy Returns," Arnold Vosloo plays the role of High Priest Imhotep, the mummy who returns to life and wreaks havoc. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, in the role of Mathayus the Sc... Read More »

What is your least favorite "mummy job"?

washing and sterilizing bottles- i loathe it.give me dirty nappies anyday, they dont bother me.i cant stand doing the bottles! lol.

What is your most recent tired mummy moment?

This happens to me all the time-- I pack everything up and get my daughter all strapped in her car seat. Then I either realize I forgot something important in the house or I start driving and for... Read More »

What Were the Tools to Mummify an Ancient Egyptian Mummy?

Mummification was the ancient Egyptian practice of embalming and preparing a body for the grave, from which it was believed the dead person would enter into an afterlife. Mummification was carried ... Read More »