What is a multifactor authentication mechanism?

Answer Authentication is the process of proving who you are. A multifactor authentication mechanism is a device or software that requires you to present two or more things that identify you. The identific... Read More »

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What does authentication mean?

Authentication is a process that is used to verify that an individual is the person who he or she is claiming to be.ProcessThe process of authentication generally involves acquiring and verifying a... Read More »

What does authentication key mean?

An authentication key is a way for one participant to verify that information originated or was received legally from the other participant. Typically the keys are encrypted. This can include enter... Read More »

What is an authentication key?

Preventing unauthorized access to software, Internet connections and electronic devices is the purpose of an authentication key. Significant revenues can be lost when software is pirated and the st... Read More »

What are the different authentication protocols?

Protocols describe how algorithms and data structures are represented to implement multiple, interoperable versions of programs. Security protocols apply cryptographic methods to perform security-r... Read More »