What is a moving traffic violation conviction?

Answer All states have laws regulating automobile traffic. If you violate one of these laws, you are issued a traffic ticket. These tickets, depending on the severity, many times can be paid by mail or ch... Read More »

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Is a traffic violation a criminal conviction?

Every traffic violation ticket identifies one of two charges. If it specifies a "civil infraction," it's not a criminal offense; the penalties are fines and/or points on your driving record. More s... Read More »

The Penalties for the Conviction of a Misdemeanor Traffic Violation?

A misdemeanor traffic violation results in conviction after a trial, guilty plea or the defendant's entry of a "no contest," or "nolo contendere," statement. Although municipalities and states have... Read More »

Definition of a Moving Traffic Violation?

Drivers can be convicted of a moving traffic violation for a variety of reasons, and those who are found guilty will be fined, have their license revoked, or both. In some cases, drivers may attend... Read More »

Is impeding traffic a moving violation?

Impeding traffic is operating a vehicle so slowly that it blocks or impedes the normal traffic flow. According to Traffic Violation Law Firms, this is a moving violation that can result in a traffi... Read More »