What is a mortise entry set?

Answer A mortise entry set, also known as a mortise lock set, is a very durable type of door lock mechanism that requires a rectangular hole in the edge of the door. This type of lock was common in homes ... Read More »

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What is a mortise?

The mortise is best known as one of two key components in a mortise-and-tenon joint---a simple, reliable means of connecting two separate planks of wood. However, they can also be found in other ty... Read More »

How much should it roughly cost to remove a entry door and install a metal framed fire rated entry door?

This cost will depend on what you are willing to save or spend.You can hire a contractor who will charge you about $125 per hour--OR you can hire a good handyman for about $50 per hour and you woul... Read More »

What is a mortise hinge?

A mortise hinge is inserted into a chiseled out area, or mortise, in both the door and in the door frame. A mortise hinge creates a tight-fitting door and offers security since the hinge screws ar... Read More »

How to Take out a Mortise Lock?

Removing a mortise lock from a front door of a nice older home can be a daunting task, but you can do it. This applies to many of the locks used on pre-war (WWII)homes, usually set in really nice s... Read More »