What can you do if you have an asparagus patch that is over 25 years old and production is getting low. What can you do to help the growth of my patch?

Answer 25 years is a long time and nothing lasts forever. Plow part of it up and plant new. Keep doing that through the years to invigorate the soil. Some of the roots even in the plowed part will come ba... Read More »

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What Is Morphine IR?

A potent painkiller, morphine is available in a wide variety of formulations such as injections and oral solutions, as well as prescription Morphine IR. This medication can provide highly effective... Read More »

What over the counter drugs contain morphine?

None that are OTC in the US. Tylenol #1 has 8mg of Codeine, #2 has 15mg, #3 has 30mg, and #4 has 60mg. Codeine (also called methyl-morphine) is converted to morphine in your liver...but only about ... Read More »

Street name for morphine?

Why the hell would you want to know that??? :l

My mother is on morphine drip, she has cancer?

It means she is in alot of pain and they are trying to make her comfortable. It is hard to tell how long someone will live with cancer it could be days or years. Stay strong and never give up hop... Read More »