What is a more healthy water filter, Pur or Brita -BPAs?

Answer I used Brita pitchers and filters

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Which is the better water filter: Brita or Pur?

On One Hand: Pros and Cons of BritaAccording to, Brita "dominates the pitcher category." According to Nicos Stylianou's article on the website Article Alley, however, Brita's p... Read More »

How often do you change a Brita water filter?

You should replace your Brita filter cartridge every four weeks. Prepare the new cartridge the day before replacement if your cartridge needs to pre-soak before installation in the Brita pitcher. R... Read More »

How Often Should You Change a Brita Water Filter?

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Brita water filter systems?

A Brita filter for the pitcher costs about $5 and last 2-3 months. We fill it with tap water and use it every day to make 6 cups of coffee, frozen orange juice, ice cubes and for taking pills. We a... Read More »