What is a montage ?

Answer In film storytelling, a series of shots edited together to convey the passage of time is known as a montage or montage sequence.FunctionMontage is used to visually compress information that would o... Read More »

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What does a montage mean?

"Montage" is the term for an artistic technique in which numerous images from different sources are combined to create a new picture. The term is primarily associated with photography (photo montag... Read More »

What is a photo montage?

Cutting and pasting photos together to create a new photo is called photomontage. Photomontages often weave together real and fantastic images. Artists often use photomontage to express political d... Read More »

What is a film montage?

Film montage is a style of editing that combines a string of images for dramatic, humorous or visceral effect. In contemporary narrative films, montages often compress lengthy events into short per... Read More »

What is an opening montage?

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