What is a monofilament fishing line?

Answer Monofilament is produced by various manufacturers in a wide range of line strengths. Monofilament lines are available for purchase from tackle, sporting goods and big box stores to name a few. The ... Read More »

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How strong is monofilament fishing line?

According to the monofilament spool capacity and conversion chart at the Crook & Crook Fishing Supply Company website, monofilament fishing line ranges in strength from line that can handle up to 2... Read More »

How do i wind monofilament fishing line?

Revolving Spool ReelsTie an arbor knot (see Resources) to the end of a new spool of line to connect it to the arbor of a reel with a revolving spool such as a bait-casting reel or conventional salt... Read More »

How do I store a monofilament fishing line?

Wrap monofilament on a dry spool or store in its original packaging. Place the spool with line in a cardboard box, not a clear plastic box, according to tips on the Pier Fishing in California websi... Read More »

Who invented monofilament fishing line?

Dupont announced the invention of nylon in 1938 and introduced nylon monofilament fishing line in 1939. Dacron (plastic) line remained most popular until 1959, when Dupont began production of a thi... Read More »