What is a monitor driver?

Answer Monitors need software so that they can communicate with the computer and display graphics properly. Monitor drivers are available on manufacturer websites and may already be incorporated in your o... Read More »

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I have recently got a monitor and need to update the driver does anyone know where i can download the driver?

To update or find any drivers right click my computer on desktop.Click properties. Select device manager.Open any of the devices.Right click the device you want a driver for.Select update driver so... Read More »

The monitor does not connect after installing a video driver?

this happened to me and after about 2 months of frustration, i realized that the cable wasnt plugged into the back of the computer all of the way and only got signal like half of the time. hope thi... Read More »

Free driver scanners/repair similar to Driver Detective,Driver genius?

Save your money and just do a regular check of your hardware. Most software/hard ware you install will update automatically.

What does an uninsured driver do when hit by an insured driver?

Answer There are many questions to be asked with this question. Are you saying an uninsured driver, driving a vehicle with no insurance? Answer First of all you hope that the insured drivers insur... Read More »