What is a money-gifting system?

Answer Money-gifting systems offer compensation to individuals who pay membership fees and recruit new members. State and federal laws consider money-gifting systems illegal when participants expect a ret... Read More »

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What is a gifting lounge?

With several popular film festivals occurring around the world, fashion merchandisers scramble to have their products associated with them. Sundance, Cannes and Toronto film festivals attract wide ... Read More »

What makes cash gifting illegal in the U.S.?

Cash gifts are not illegal in the United States. if the person does not expect to be compensated for giving money. However, cash gifting as an investment is a money-making scheme and is illegal und... Read More »

What is the best surround sound system for the money?

On One Hand: The Best ValueThe surround sound system that currently ranks high in popularity for both the quality and price is the Yamaha NS-SP1800. This setup contains a 5.1-channel home theater s... Read More »

What is the system of exchange that does not involve money called?

The barter system is a system of exchange that does not involve money. In a barter system, goods and services are traded directly without the use of currency. For example, a person might trade a do... Read More »