What is a momentum stock trader?

Answer A momentum stock trader in the financial markets hunts upward trends in individual securities. This trading strategy is often adhered to during positive market cycles and is less effective when the... Read More »

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Why do many investor's trade more on momentum than fundamentals.of a stock ?

Because fundamentals are used in a speculative way, versus reading what stocks are actually doing. If you see a stock at the beginning of an upward (or downward) momentum trend that's what it's act... Read More »

How do i become a stock trader?

Anyone can be a stock trader with an online trading account. A few brokerage firms have even removed any minimum dollar amount to open an account. But if you are interested in being a serious day t... Read More »

What is a professional stock trader?

A professional stock trader is an individual who buys and sells investments, such as company stock, mutual fund shares, options, futures and bonds in a financial market. A professional stock trade... Read More »

What is a Stock Trader's Salary?

A stock traderÕs (or securities traderÕs) salary varies greatly according to years of experience and market conditions. A new stock trader can expect to make about $42,000 to $67,000 annually whi... Read More »