Has any one backed out of an adoption at the last minuet?

Answer You dont need to feel guilty, hun, you are doing what nature intended- you are going to raise and love YOUR baby. Break off ALL ties with the agency and this couple. If they continue to contact you... Read More »

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I have Natural White 5 minuet whitening gel and I was wondering if I could use it with braces ?

I would ask your orthodontist first or just wait until you get your braces off. Just be patient it'll be worth it! :) It might also whiten only the teeth around your brackets so when you get them ... Read More »

Does Cricut have a cartridge for musical notes&musical instruments?

Cricut's Quarter Note cartridge is specifically music themed. The cartridge contains many images of musical notes as well as a wide variety of different instruments, words, phrases and fonts relati... Read More »

How to Have a Sense of Humor?

Humor is one of the greatest assets a person can have. Working on building your sense of humor will help you out a lot in life, including in being able to defuse difficult situations and in reducin... Read More »

How to Have No Sense of Humor?

Lots of people just have no sense of humor. They may have been born without one, or they trained themselves. Either way, they may come off as mysterious or cool. How do you get to have no sense of ... Read More »