Is mind freak real?

Answer weel I think mind freaks only know cople of good tricks ;)

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What can I say to my 5yo so that he won't freak out about going to the doctor?

Tell him that you will get the shots too. I am sure that you might be due for a booster for Tetnus. I did that for my son and he saw that it was not that bad for me. Then we both went to Dairy Quee... Read More »

What do you think of this freak accident in Chennai&who is responsible for dereliction of duty?

Well!!!!!!!!!!!The whole mess has happened due to :1. Reckess Traffic Police - Not Keeping sign board2. Irresponsible Officials - Not keeping signoard og work3. The Driver - A new person should ask... Read More »

What show had a skit with a trashy Puppet who lived at a dump and ate garbage and would then freak out and puke?

Edit: It's been years that I've been looking for this and I've finally found it in part thanks to Gally B's question on Yahoo Answers (see related links). It's was on a show from the mid-90's call... Read More »

Im i a freak?