Which is better LCD or Plasma TV's Can someone put a rest to this mind boggling question?

Answer - Plasma TVs are the current size champions, particularly when comparing TVs that consumers can easily purchase. LCDs are catching up in size with their developing technology, however, and may surp... Read More »

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What names comes to mind AND BONUS QUESTION!?

well i'm not sure if you would want middle names, but i will put them anyway!1) Melissa Raine2) Sydney Leigh3) Vienna Rose4) Alana Marie5) Lauren Nicole6) Tiffany Rae7) Callie Joy8) Megan Riley:)BQ... Read More »

What in your mind warrants a report of a question or answer?

if you talk bad about one of the moms i like i will email you and if you do not do any thing about it i will report that. or the sick people that ask really rude sick questions. i hardly ever repor... Read More »

What names comes to mind AND BONUS QUESTION! (TEENAGE Boy's version)?

1. Cameron2. Alan3. Alexander "Alex"4. Christian5. Thomas "Tom"6. Tyler7. William "Will"8. Nathan "Nate"BQ: Lillian Estella Caroline.

Ok, i've lost my mind and am asking another question on the cupcake permission slip:?

Anything that is above and beyond the norm of educational functions at school most definitely needs to be run by the parents, first.Just my humble opinion.