What is a microsoft excel function?

Answer A Microsoft Excel function is a preset formula. You can use Excel functions to perform simple calculations, such as summing the numbers in a column, or extremely complex trigonometric, financial or... Read More »

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What is the function of Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a business application with a number of uses. Some of them are obvious, others are a bit more subtle, and some are extremely advanced.Data EntryThe most common use for Excel is ... Read More »

How to Use the Sum Function in Microsoft Excel?

Using the SUM function in Excel is an easy way to save yourself lots of time.

How to Create a User Defined Function in Microsoft Excel?

Even when Excel has a lot, probably hundreds, of built in functions like SUM, VLOOKUP, LEFT, and so on, once you start using Excel for more complicated tasks, you will often find that you need a fu... Read More »

How to have an auto-delete function for Microsoft Excel?

There are still a few questions that need to be answered: • How many Worksheets?? • For multiple Workbooks?? • Should this check constantly, every so often, or only when the Workbook i... Read More »