What is a microprocessor chip?

Answer A microprocessor, the computer's brain, integrates all of a computer's processing functions, once scattered across multiple locations on the motherboard, onto a single chip called a central process... Read More »

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For a memory chip size of 4096 by 8 how many pages is on the chip?

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What is a 16-bit microprocessor?

A 16-bit microprocessor is a low-powered processor that can process 16 binary digits, or "bits," of data at the same time. By the end of the 1970s, many processors were already 16-bit.References:We... Read More »

What was the first microprocessor used by IBM?

IBM released its first processor, the Intel 4004, in November 1971, according to the IBM website. The 4004 attained speeds up to 108 kilohertz and contained 2,300 transistors. The Intel 8008 then r... Read More »

What is a microprocessor used for?

A microprocessor is used to perform arithmetic and logic operations in a computer system. It is also used to fetch data from one location to another and perform computations with this data.Referenc... Read More »